When moving goods and materials around an industrial facility, efficiency, speed, and safety are all paramount concerns. By using the overhead area in a plant or structure, you can increase productivity without taking up valuable real estate on the work floor. Industrial monorail materials handlers are a great example of how to use every square inch of your facility.

A monorail system is an efficient and reliable way to transport materials or products within your facility. An industrial monorail system consists of a single rail track elevated above the ground, where carriers or trolleys move effortlessly from one point to another. With this system in place, you can save yourself time and effort when it comes to moving heavy or bulky materials from one location to another.

Whether you’re working in a manufacturing plant, warehouse, or other industrial setting, a monorail system can offer you improved safety, speed, and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional material handling methods. Monorail can be integrated into existing systems as well to create a streamlined manufacturing or production processes.

Types of Industrial Monorail Material Handlers

Monorail systems give you an enormous amount of flexibility when it comes to moving materials. Their versatility lies in the different ways monorails can be operated, giving you flexibility in operation for increased efficiency. There are a few different types of monorail systems, including:

  • Manual
  • Motorized
  • Hybrid
  • Gravity

Clothes hanging from an monorail material handler in a drycleaners.Storee Construction is comfortable installing systems that utilize multiple types and will work with you on what exactly you need. With free-moving monorails, powered monorails, and hybrid systems, Storee Construction can engineer a system that gives you optimal productivity.

A power and free monorail system is a type of material handling or conveyor system used in industrial settings for the automated transport of goods or materials along a fixed path. This system is highly flexible because, while the main monorail provides power and guidance, individual carriers can be stopped or started at specific points along the track. This enables more control over the movement of materials, allowing for assembly or processing at various stations.

Industrial Monorails and Safety Considerations

Safety is a paramount consideration in industrial monorail material handling systems, and various features are incorporated to ensure the well-being of workers and the protection of equipment. First and foremost, emergency stop mechanisms are a critical component.

In case of any unforeseen circumstances or hazards, these mechanisms allow for an immediate halt of the monorail system, preventing accidents and injuries. Storee Construction is experienced with adding safety features to existing monorail equipment, such as Estops, walkways, railings, and guards.

Obstacle detection systems are also commonly integrated into these systems. These systems use sensors to identify any obstructions or unexpected objects along the monorail path. If such an obstacle is detected, the system automatically stops or adjusts its course to avoid collisions.

Many industrial monorail systems include fail-safe features. In the event of a power failure or a malfunction, fail-safe mechanisms engage to bring the system to a safe stop. This redundancy ensures that even if one component fails, there are backup measures in place to prevent accidents.

Training and warning signals are additional safety features. Workers are trained to understand the system’s operation, and warning signals, such as lights or alarms, alert personnel when the monorail is in motion. This combination of safety features helps create a secure working environment, aligning with industry standards and regulations.

Clearly marked “danger” areas on the work floor, regular inspections, and maintenance routines, further contribute to the overall safety of industrial monorail material handling systems. Increased productivity and efficiency should always be the goal, but not at the expense of your workers.

Increase Your Productivity With Storee Construction

The world of manufacturing is constantly evolving, and in order to stay successful, plants must keep up with the competition. Achieving maximum efficiency and meeting strict manufacturing guidelines is an ongoing challenge, but it’s one that can be met with the right tools and resources.

That’s where a facility contractor like Storee Construction can make all the difference. By working together with someone who understands your plant and production needs, you can create a comprehensive plan to upgrade your production facilities and get newly developed product lines out to market.

With a continuous partnership in place, you’ll be better equipped to take on the challenges of the manufacturing world with confidence and success. In addition to monorail engineering, installation, and servicing, Storee offers a wide range of production upgrades so you can get the most out of your facility.

At Storee, we take pride in our ability to provide exceptional project management services for large manufacturers. With our proven track record of managing production plant upgrades, we have established long-term partnerships with many industry leaders. We execute upgrades that are a combination of new and legacy material handling equipment optimized with our local custom fabrication ability.

When you partner with us, we become more than just a contractor, we become a dedicated partner for your entire project and beyond. Want to learn more about how we can help your facility? Reach out to us today.