Palletizers were first introduced to the packaging industry more than 70 years ago. Taking products ready for shipping, high-speed conventional palletizers load them onto a pallet, reducing mistakes and saving on labor costs. More products can be moved and loaded while reducing the number of accidents or injuries.

Although there are many types of palletizer machines (robotic arm, gantry, low and high level, and in-line systems), their jobs are relatively the same. As finished boxes or bags of goods arrive via conveyor belt to the layer forming area, palletizers lift and place them onto a pallet.

Conventional and robotic palletizer systems integrated with conveyors quickly load products onto a pallet and then take the load to the next stage in shipping. This could be to normal storage, cold storage, a shipping dock, and wherever else the products or materials are held until shipping.

Because goods and products come in different sizes, the palletizers need to be programmed for specific shapes, sizes, and stability of the load. Once stacked, the pallet full of goods is then eased onto a conveyor belt to a staging area or moved by other means. In some cases, stretch wrap is used to increase stability.

Production Improvements

For more than five decades, Storee Construction has been designing and installing conveyor systems as well as other production upgrades and other industrial solutions. Palletizing solutions are a great way to increase productivity and increase the number of goods transferred from one packaging area to the next.

Our engineering team will ensure your plant is optimized for palletizer use and provide layout flexibility to allow for future growth. In the past, loading products manually was time-consuming and imperfect. With today’s floor-level palletizers and other automation, Storee Construction makes your shipping plant much more effective.

Production Upgrade Professionals

In addition to palletizer and conveyor belt integration, Storee Construction has the experience to help with other aspects of your production line. From moving equipment to changing processes to taking advantage of under-utilized space, our industrial team will improve your productivity through careful planning.

In some cases, additional construction may be needed. Our crews have decades of experience with industrial, manufacturing, and commercial construction. Whether it’s improvements to a food processing plant or constructing an office building from scratch, we’re able to handle the project every step of the way.

Our design-build teams ensure you’ll know what the plan is from start to finish. With one point of contact, we’re able to cut down on miscommunications, stay on schedule, and even save you money on the overall project. With our transparency, you’ll never be left in the dark or wondering where your project stands.

If you’re looking to improve the productivity of your packaging or shipping plant, contact Storee Construction today. We’ve worked throughout the Midwest and understand the wants and needs of the industry. Let’s start the conversation – we look forward to seeing how we can help.