With the help of Storee Construction Co, you can have a new and improved production build line ready in no time. Storee understands how important it is to keep your manufacturing plants up to date and running smoothly. That’s why we will never cut corners or waste your time.

It is imperative that your factory infrastructure contractor is familiar with and understands your business, facility operations, and deadlines. Otherwise, you will likely run into frustration and confusion. The experts at Storee take great care to not only understand the project at hand but also your business and its varying needs. That way we can transform your facility into a seamless and well-oiled machine.

New Production Line

Looking for a new production build line? Storee provides key insight at the project evaluation stage of every production upgrade. Additionally, we assist with both the conceptual and practical aspects of the production line build.

We believe that providing a level of care and precision that goes above and beyond is crucial to constructing a quality manufacturing facility. Our expertise can significantly reduce project costs, overruns, changes, delays, and overall frustration that can come with any upgrade project. That means that your facility will be up and running in less time, for less money.

Pre-Existing Production Line

If you have a preexisting production line, you will need a factory infrastructure contractor who is familiar with your current process management and flow. Our experienced contractors will always take the time to understand your project and capabilities and design a factory layout based on them.

Your new upgraded production lines must fit the existing facility space and must also allow for adequate servicing. We will work with you to configure the most optimal setup for your space and business needs.

Why Choose Storee Construction Co?

Storee Construction Co is a full-service commercial and industrial construction company. That means we handle all aspects of commercial and industrial building requirements. With our wide array of knowledge and experience, we are able to construct your production build line or assembly line with the utmost care and precision.

For more information about our company and quality of work, check out our testimonials page.