Several warehouse loading dock bays to illustrate rapid roll doorsIn today’s fast-paced business world, the need for increased productivity is an ever-present concern. The more streamlined your commercial, industrial, or manufacturing facility is, the more productive it is. And if every second counts in your industry, rapid roll doors will save you minutes every time you load or unload a truck at your plant.

Storee Construction can install or retrofit industrial loading dock rapid roll doors at your facility to help improve efficiencies as part of an entire loading area upgrade. This can include loading and unloading processes, floorplan improvement, and increased safety upgrades that keep accidents down and productivity up.

Rapid-rise loading dock doors are made from a variety of materials and we can integrate them into your existing loading dock lights and other safety features. They can even be made in a variety of colors so they not only work efficiently but look great doing it. The perfect combination of form and function.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Industrial rapid roll doors are an ideal solution for facilities or plants that are climate controlled or have refrigerated areas that need to be held at consistent temperatures. Food processing plants that use both refrigerating and freezing areas benefit greatly from this technology, but rapid roll doors can be used in many different environments.

Even if your products or materials aren’t environmentally sensitive, industrial rapid-roll doors are a great way to keep more rain, snow, sleet, and extreme cold or hot temperatures at bay and out of the facility. This keeps the loading area safe for operation and protects the well-being of your employees.

There are also “bottom line” considerations, too. Because large bay doors can be opened and closed in seconds, HVAC systems won’t need to work as hard. With a more comfortable, drier, and cleaner workspace, accidents and injuries can also be decreased.

Installation Options for Rapid Roll Doors

Industrial rapid roll doors for your loading docks can be installed in three different ways: inside the door jamb, mounted on a wall, or a stand-off mount as part of a dock shelter configuration. Depending on the configuration of your existing plant, Storee Construction installs the door based on the specifications.

Work With Industrial Experience

Since 1966, Storee Construction has been working on, with, or around commercial, manufacturing, and industrial structures, building them from the ground up or upgrading/improving critical infrastructure. We handle all facets of industrial construction for a variety of clients across the midwest.

For more information on how rapid-rise loading dock doors can be an integral part of overhauling your levels of productivity, contact Storee Construction today. We look forward to taking an overall look at your operation and making recommendations that can pay dividends immediately.