As the production industry moves forward with eco-friendly processes, finding ways to reduce waste is becoming more important. The ability to recycle, reuse, and repurpose material that would otherwise be thrown out is good for the environment but can also help the bottom line. Reclaimers can be a huge help in this regard.

Reclaimers are designed to separate usable materials from stockpiles of debris in bulk. After the material is separated, it is then stacked for future use. Essentially, usable materials are saved, run along a conveyor of some sort, and then dumped into a pile.

Reclaimer systems can be used in both internal and external situations. Once in place, a well-designed reclaiming operation will lead to increased productivity, provide automated material handling, and are cost-effective solutions for dealing with waste.

Let’s take a look at the concrete industry. The number one construction material in the world, concrete is made up of aggregates, water, and other raw materials to create extremely durable products. Foundations, manholes, catch basins, and other applications are either poured in place or precast in a facility.

Wastewater and materials are created during the process. With production reclaimers, that waste can be separated into aggregate material, water, and slurry and reused in other productions. Less debris goes into the landfill and money is saved by using materials that would otherwise be lost.

Reclaimers are the ideal solution for power plants that rely on alternative fuels such as biomass (agricultural, wood, and forest residues) and synthetic gypsum (for use in cement) as well as coal. Storee Construction will design and supply parts and components to upgrade your existing stacker reclaimers or incorporate the machines into existing production lines.

Stacker reclaimers are designed with either a bucket wheel, a scraper, or drum. Bucket wheels are found at one end of the reclaimer, continually scooping up material and dumping each load on a conveyor. Scrapers use blades to pull/push materials from a pile onto a conveyor belt, and a drum reclaimer pulls materials into a large rotating cylinder.

Storee Construction reviews your current operation and design process optimizations to make your coal, wood chip, or other material handling stations more efficient. Whether it’s designing bucket heads, conveyor systems, or automation panels, our engineers work to find solutions made specifically for your operation.

Work With Experience

Storee Construction has been working with industrial clients for more than five decades. Upgrading stacker reclaimers, conveyor systems, plant layouts, and more, we streamline industrial facilities to increase productivity and maximize profits. We provide solutions for industrial, agricultural, commercial, and manufacturing applications.

One thing we won’t do is sacrifice safety. Production plant floors are busy places, with massive machinery and equipment in constant motion. Accidents do happen, but our safety upgrades are designed to minimize those incidents. Whether it’s an improved workflow on the floor, installation of fall protection on overhead catwalks, or just increased signage, safety is job number one.

As a design-build company, we see your projects from start to finish. By keeping the design, engineering, and construction all in-house, miscommunications become a thing of the past. With one point of communication, you’ll save time and money on your large-scale jobs.

Reach out and find out how we can help with upgrades to your existing facility, guiding you through new construction, improving plant operations, and other industrial or manufacturing projects on the horizon.