Using robots has passed from the realm of science fiction into the area of modern production processes. Robotic systems automate tasks that are repetitious or require precise maneuvering. Adding robotic systems to conveyor installations is one of the most powerful ways to improve production, keep operations competitive and save your industrial facility money.

Advantages of Robotic Systems

Robotic systems are ideal for carrying out repetitive actions without variation and with a high degree of accuracy. Robots can be programmed in a variety of ways, defining speed, distance, direction, acceleration and deceleration.

From putting food on pallets to welding components together, robotic systems are improving production and quality in many fields. Robots are routinely used in painting, labeling, product inspection, assembly, packaging and palletizing. They are a natural upgrade to conveyor systems.

Installing Robotic Systems

Robotic systems bring many benefits to production. But if installed by an inexperienced contractor, robots can slow down the workflow. During the installation phase, these highly complex systems require professionals who are thoroughly at home with construction and industrial systems.

Without experience, a contractor can end up interfering with your production schedule. Professionals who are conversant with conveyor and robotic systems and familiar with industrial facilities’ needs will determine how installation could impact production. They can come up with workarounds, getting your robotic system installed with a minimum number of interruptions.

What Can Go Wrong?

One example is dust and debris from the construction, which can cause contamination in food processing plants. An experienced contractor understands how to contain the waste with temporary wall structures that seal off the sections affected by the installation.

Safety risks and containment are major issues with any production plant upgrades, including robotic systems. Professionals familiar with equipment installation know the importance of securing the area before work begins. This precaution controls contamination, reduces the chance of safety problems and lets you continue with production without worry.

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