Does your business involve applying spray-on finishes? A booth to contain fumes and overspray ensures that your workers stay safe. With a spray booth, your company can paint while meeting environmental standards and complying with government regulations.

A spray booth installation allows you to paint vehicles, apply industrial coatings and more. Booths are a production facility upgrade that provides a high return on your investment.

Hire Expert Installers

Storee Construction will efficiently plan and build your spray booth installation. Booths can be involved, and they require industrial construction expertise.

The Storee team has constructed many spray booths. We understand the process of getting permits, ensuring the ventilation and ductwork are in order and setting up utilities for the upgrade.

We have the experience to ensure your spray booth installation is safe, efficient and compliant.

Storee Construction has a team of expert spray booth installers. Industrial construction is our specialty, and we understand the manufacturing environment.

Avoid Production Delays

No one wants a project that goes over budget or gets behind schedule. With our experienced team, you won’t have to deal with delays or revisions that can occur with less experienced builders.

We’ll work with you to quickly complete your spray booth installation so your production line can get back to work. Our experience ensures that your spray booth installation proceeds smoothly, without cost overruns or disruptions to your process.

We start your project by meeting with you and your staff. We’ll evaluate your facility and listen to your goals. With your input, we’ll help you determine the best installation for your facility. By carefully planning and considering your company’s needs, we avoid last-minute changes and miss-steps.

Expert Spray Booth Installation in the Midwest

Our business is based in Springfield, Missouri. We’ve been a construction partner for manufacturers all around the Midwest since our company started in 1966.

Our spray booth experts will handle your project from start to finish. Your upgrade will quickly be ready for operation to enhance your company’s production.

Storee Construction completes many different types of commercial and industrial upgrades. Our company is family-owned and operated and takes pride in working with businesses in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas and beyond.

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