At the end of a production or packaging line, when the merchandise has been boxed, bagged, or otherwise packaged, securing a load on a pallet is the last step before delivery. Automatic stretch wrappers are used to secure the load on the pallet to keep everything in place during shipping.

Boxes, cases of two-liter bottles, and large, unboxed, and irregular-shaped products can all be wrapped by automatic stretch wrappers. In the past, this was done by an employee, walking around the load with a roll of stretch wrap on a holder of some sort (or just holding the roll with two hands).

That was a time-consuming and inconsistent endeavor. With high-speed, fully automatic stretch wrappers, you get more uniform wrapping at a much higher rate. Faster wrapping cycles mean more productive and efficient packaging processes. Storee Construction can help you add a stretch wrapper to your existing facility.

Stretch Wrapper Installation

If installing equipment into an existing facility, Storee Construction performs a complete audit of your process line to see where a stretch wrapper will best improve production rates. For example, does it make sense to move packaging equipment closer to the loading docks? And how would that be accomplished?

In a new plant, Storee Construction engineers design-build production lines that make the most of the space you have. Taking a holistic view of your production lines, we create processes that streamline operations. We also ensure all safety precautions are implemented during the process to keep your workers and visitors safe.

Stretch Wrapper Equipment

Turntable Stretch Wrappers

Just as the name suggests, turntable or rotary stretch wrappers rotate your pallet while the stretch film is being applied to the load. These can be semi-automatic pallet wrappers, allowing you to add extra support at the corners or sides during wrapping. Pre-stretched wrap reduces the chance of shifting during transit.

Automatic turntable pallet wrap machines are ideal for pallet loads that are relatively uniform and stable. These don’t take up as much room as rotary arm stretch wrap machines because the wrap is stationary, so there’s no need for extra clearance.

Rotary Tower Stretch Wrappers

Using an arm that goes around the load, rotary tower stretch wrappers are a great option if you have non-uniform loads that need securing. These are usually used when orders are picked (many different sizes or shapes), if loads are unusually tall, or otherwise unstable.

This equipment usually needs more room because the rotary arm needs room to move around the load. As with any packaging equipment, there are different sizes and capabilities. From entry-level wrappers to remote control wrappers that scan the load before starting, Storee Construction has installed them all.

Experienced Stretch Wrap Installation Contractors

Since 1966, Storee Construction has been building, upgrading, and expanding packaging, industrial, manufacturing, and other facilities throughout the Midwest. We’ve worked with food processing corporations, manufacturing plants, and other large-scale structures throughout the Midwest and beyond.

When you work with Storee Construction, you’re working with a design-build construction company with decades of engineering experience in a variety of markets. Regardless of the industry, we understand the needs of large-scale operations, local and state codes and regulations, and how to maximize production.

Wondering if your packaging operation is as efficient as it can be or looking for ways to improve your processes? Contact Storee Construction today and talk to one of our production upgrade experts. We look forward to seeing how we can help make your processes more productive and help your bottom line in the process.