As supply-chain problems became more of an issue in the middle of the global pandemic, shipping dry goods via “super bags” saw an increase in usage. These super bags or bulk bags were first used in the 1950s to transport dry, flaked, and/or granular materials. Super bag unloaders were made to handle these specific shipping containers and are still used today.

Super bags are much quicker to fill than more traditional bags consumers might be familiar with. One super bag can hold the same amount of material–rice for example–roughly equal to 40 standard bags. To fill a shipping container, it’s much faster to fill 44 super bags than 1,760 smaller bags.

However, when using a super bag or bulk bag to transport dry goods, you’ll need to have the right equipment to unload the material. As you can imagine, it’s much easier for someone to pick up a 50-pound bag of rice than it is a 2,000 pound bag of rice!

Super bags can be reused over and over again, are collapsible so they’re easier and take less space to store, and are much lighter than other containers when empty. When full, however, you’ll need a specialized piece of equipment to fill/empty the extremely heavy bags.

Super Bag Unloader Installation

Storee Construction will perform an audit of your current operations to design-build a material handling system best suited for your needs. By streamlining your processes, we can help increase productivity and even increase safety at your facility. Adding equipment to improve production levels only makes sense if they’re correctly implemented.

Super bag unloaders come in a variety of sizes and styles for use in wide-open spaces as well as areas that aren’t as roomy. From volume and weight unloading/loading to single use bags to working with more rigid materials, a conversation with Storee will help you decide which material handler is right for your facility.

If you need to upgrade your super bag unloader, we can help there, too. Either by fabricating these upgrades for your existing super bag unloader or replacing them with new machinery, Storee Construction has the resources to replace and remove the old piece of equipment.

Industrial Production Upgrades from Storee Construction

In addition to production line improvements that increase the volume of materials you work with, Storee Construction will take a holistic view of your operations to maximize efficiency. Whether it’s moving products in a manufacturing plant from point A to point B within a facility or altering the floor plan or loading dock to make the most of your space.

Would additional square footage make sense if you’re expanding, or does an entirely different facility make more sense? These are the questions we’ve been answering for more than six decades throughout the Midwest. We’ve worked with food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, industrial structures, and more to improve productivity, increase safety, and help you grow your business.