Trench drain systems ensure proper drainage in commercial and manufacturing environments. If your business needs fast and efficient drains, Storee Construction can help. We will plan, design and install a trench drain system for your facility.

What Are Trench Drain Systems?

Trench drain systems are also called channel drains and line drains. These configurations are used both indoors and outdoors. They evacuate water or another type of liquid via a floor or ground drain.

The systems often contain a channel-shaped body. It’s an ancient and flexible design. We can adapt a modern drainage system to work for nearly any industrial process.

Trench drain systems are useful in many different places. They are essential in factories where liquid would otherwise collect. We can install drain channels in a range of widths, depths and slopes.

Outdoor applications include airports, docks, roads and parking lots and garages and sports fields. A drench train or another type of drainage configuration is necessary anyplace where standing water may be a problem.

Trench drain materials must be able to endure wet environments. Systems may include a combination of materials. Concrete, either precast or poured, is a standard material for channels in commercial and industrial projects.

A polymer- or metal-based liner gives the concrete additional functionality. Stainless steel trench drains are often the best choice where cleanliness is vital.

Grates are an essential component of the system. The grates consist of cast iron, fiberglass, polymer or steel bar. To ensure drainage, we position grates at the proper grade.

Stainless Steel Trench Drain

For food production areas, a stainless steel trench drain is the most effective. It resists bacteria, corrosion, heat and chemicals. Stainless steel is ideal for wineries, breweries, distilleries and many other varieties of food plants.

Stainless steel grating lasts longer than galvanized steel and cast iron in environments prone to corrosion. Stainless steel has a high tolerance for standard methods of cleaning.

Though more expensive than other materials, a stainless steel trench drain offers the benefits of longevity and easy maintenance.

Professional Installation

The durability and functionality of your systems depend on professional trench drain installation. Experienced installers must oversee the work. A high-level of training and understanding of drainage systems is essential for a properly designed trench drain system.

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