Many industrial and commercial facilities are discovering the advantages of turning forklifts into mec aerial work platforms with the addition of safety work platforms.

Why Turn Your Forklift Into a Work Platform

With the addition of the forklift work platform, your vehicles become mec aerial work platforms. They can go where a scissor lift can’t reach. This simple upgrade expands a worker’s ability to perform necessary tasks safely and conveniently.

This type of unit is faster to set up than scaffold. It gives employees a wider platform than a basic boom lift and is able to reach over obstructions.

The addition is simple to install and inexpensive. The system is adaptable and vastly increases the functionality of a standard forklift.

How It Works

Adding a guardrail system around the full perimeter of the forklift work platform keeps employees safe. These units use spring hinges and spring loaded latches that are self-closing. The guardrails are strong and rigid, without loose movement.

They can be used with extendable reach and straight mast forklifts. The system has a load capacity of 1,000 lbs., which relates just to the platform, not the capacity of the forklift.

The components are modular, making it easy to replace a single damaged unit rather than the entire guardrail panel. To transport the system, you can simply remove the guardrail, putting it flat inside the platform.

Special Features

These mec aerial work platforms are engineered for safety. They have integral high-toe boards and tubular guardrails. The top rail is 42 inches high. The access gates for the forklift work platform are located at both ends, complete with spring hinges and spring-loaded latches.

The deck is lightweight, made from a steel frame with an expanded metal deck. Designed for 48 inch or wider carriages, they accept 48-inch long forks up to 7-inches wide and 2.75-inches thick. If forks longer than 48 inches are used, they will extend past the front of the forklift work platform.

Work With Professionals

Storee Construction are experts in forklift safety. We understand how to get the most from these vehicles. Let us help you turn a basic forklift into a multi-functional mec aerial work platform.

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