Once your company has determined a facility move is necessary and the new location has been decided, there is so much to do to prepare. Something really important about a manufacturing move that is sometimes overlooked is protecting the machinery.

Professional machine movers will, of course, follow their own set safety requirements and procedures. Ask your machinery movers how they will keep your equipment safe during the relocation. Like Storee, they may even offer industrial packing services. Industrial packaging to protect your machines during a move should be designed and built custom for your machines.

Make sure you’re not losing money by moving machines, materials and products that you actually no longer need. A plant relocation is a good time to sort out what you can use and what can be sold or scrapped. Then you can create an inventory spreadsheet of everything that will move to the new facility location. The spreadsheet can also be used to record and track the condition of the inventory before and after the move. Measurements of the machinery and its foundations should be included in the inventory spreadsheet, as well as notes on specific foundation requirements such as trenches, pits, drainage or safety rails.

Visual evidence is useful to support the spreadsheet record. High-resolution photos and videos of your machinery on its foundation and shot from all angles as well as zoomed in on utility connections and control panels is time consuming but a worthwhile step to care for your valuable equipment. Besides tracking inventory and condition, a visual record helps by showing how to set up machinery on its foundation in the new location. Having more visual documentation than you need is always better than not having enough.

Ask your professional machinery moving team for further tips on how to keep your equipment safe during a plant relocation.