Simple Upgrades to Make Your Warehouse More Eco-Friendly

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(Updating Oct. 22, 2021)

Reducing operational costs has always been a goal no matter the industry. More efficient workflows, automation, and smart technology all play a part in how we manufacture goods and supply chain management. But what about the structures that house these goods while waiting for shipment?

There are lots of reasons for businesses to incorporate more environmentally friendly methods. Energy-efficient practices can reduce costs, improve employee safety and health, and decrease waste. Sustainable warehouses, distribution centers, and other “green” buildings will go a long way to improving your company’s bottom line.

If you want a more eco-friendly business, consider introducing the following practices into your green warehouse design and management. In some cases, regularly scheduled maintenance of your equipment will keep it running more efficiently, saving money and prolonging its lifespan.


Outdated electrical systems waste energy. With a new system, you could potentially reduce your warehouse’s electricity consumption. Make sure to hire an electrical contractor that understands how to develop an efficient, streamlined design.

A qualified commercial and industrial construction contractor will be able to improve your systems with a minimum of downtime. If you’re interested in converting to green energy, your building contractor can advise you about how to proceed. Ask how renewable energy like solar panels can help with your energy consumption.


In concert with updated electricals, redesigned lighting can make your warehouse more efficient. Well-designed lighting not only cuts your power bills, but it can also improve the effectiveness of employees. Poorly designed lighting may lead to accidents, contribute to reduced productivity, and use excess electricity.

A lighting designer will make a thorough assessment of your warehouse, identifying areas that can be improved. After the analysis, your designer will draw up plans for a new system. Effective light placement and high-efficiency bulbs should be part of the design.

Incorporating natural light and LED lights will stretch your lighting dollar. The contractor should understand and comply with your area’s safety codes. With an upgraded system, you’ll have lower power bills, a smaller carbon footprint, and a brighter, more comfortable environment.


Most warehouses use a lot of packaging materials. Reducing shipping supplies can help you lower the cost of materials. It can also reduce shipping costs and the resources needed to move products within your facility. Here are some ideas to reduce extra packaging:

  • Identify areas of waste and make changes to eliminate excess packaging.
  • Choose biodegradable materials. Using more eco-friendly materials reduces pollution and minimizes your employees’ contact with potentially harmful substances.
  • Reuse materials such as pallets, plastic totes, and shipping supplies.
  • Recycle materials you can’t reuse.

Recycling goes beyond just packing or shipping materials. Setting up recycling stations around the warehouse for daily refuse (water bottles or soda cans) will also help in reducing waste. Will it help your business save money or make a huge environmental impact? Not necessarily – but over the years, you’ll keep plenty of trash out of the landfills.


While upgrading your electrical systems will go a long way to reducing energy, keeping other equipment maintained will prevent unneeded waste. For example, air conditioning may be important for worker comfort as well as protect your products. But if your HVAC system hasn’t been cleaned for years, it could be using much more power than necessary.

Other services to the structure itself, such as installing proper insulation, helps too. A secure green warehouse “envelope” will keep your HVAC equipment from working harder than it has to. A facility audit from Storee Construction can pinpoint areas where climate-controlled air is escaping and costing you money.

Adopting eco-friendly practices to create a green warehouse doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your facility. Relatively small changes and redesigns reap big rewards in energy savings and a reduction in pollution. We also feel it’s the right thing to do.

Storee’s professional electricians can help you convert your warehouse to more efficient and green systems. We’ve been designing state-of-the-art industrial and commercial solutions for nearly half a century. We can help you make your warehouse more eco-friendly with up-to-date, streamlined electrical and lighting systems. Contact Storee Construction for a warehouse consultation.