7 Ways to Improve Warehouse Efficiency

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Is your warehouse as efficient as it could be? A well-designed facility needs the right conveyor belt, software and machinery. But even with the best equipment and digital technology, the backbone of warehouse efficiency is still old-fashioned organization.

Whether you’re responsible for a large or small distribution center, here are some ways you can ensure it’s running at peak productivity.

Deploy a Maintenance Plan

A maintenance plan is key to preventing downtime. Have a schedule for routine care and tune-up of equipment. Employ checklists to ensure daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tasks are completed.

Review Design and Organization

Change is inevitable. Even the most efficient design may need to be adjusted as your business evolves and grows. As part of regular upkeep, assess the effectiveness of warehouse layout and inventory management systems.

Use Cycle Counts

Do you use cycle counts? Counting a specific subset of your products quarterly increases inventory accuracy. A cycle count is less disruptive than a full physical inventory, which interrupts operations. You can focus cycle counts on items with higher value or sales. When you use cycle counts, your inventory stays organized between full counts.

Secure the Warehouse

Safeguard your facility by prohibiting unauthorized people near the inventory. This protects both your property and employees. Post signs in areas where only warehouse personnel are allowed. Install physical barriers (safety upgrades) in key areas. Consider badges or uniforms to more easily identify warehouse workers.

Streamline Receiving

Receiving can be a hectic area of a warehouse. Employees from various departments, shippers and delivery people may all pass through this section of the warehouse. Devote adequate room to receiving. Cramped and cluttered conditions lead to errors. Errors in receiving escalate, growing into bigger and more complex problems down the line.

Invest in Labels and Signs

Once the warehouse is organized, make it easy to navigate with clear labels. Come up with a system to label everything from products to rows of shelving or sections of the warehouse. Create a floor plan or map. Clear signage and organization will turn an otherwise unnavigable maze into an organized system.

In Conclusion

Designate a specific time each day, ideally right before closing, for tying up loose ends and getting the warehouse in order. Ending the day with a clean area means the morning shift won’t have to waste time and energy working out a confusing piles of loose ends.

Rely on the Experts in Warehouse Efficiency

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