Big Data Improves Manufacturing Efficiency

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Big data has moved beyond buzzword to become a manufacturing and business heavyweight. What is big data? In broad terms, big data describes data sets that are large, complex and can’t be quickly or effectively processed by traditional applications. Data that isn’t organized, shared, stored and queried is ineffectual.

Why is big data such a big deal now? Companies of all types have become immersed in a stream of digital processes. An offshoot of this technological shift is an ever increasing generation of data and information. From CAD to the cloud, companies are investing more resources in digital technology. The process of manufacturing produces large amounts of information. Businesses naturally want to make the most of this data.

MOM and MI

Data generation by manufacturers is not new. In the past, companies struggled to find practical ways to organize and use this information. Today, many companies depend on manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems and manufacturing intelligence (MI) applications.

MOM allows factories to use a single, standard platform across an entire enterprise. This unified system is the foundation for many of the digital innovations happening in today’s factories. MOM offers businesses a single solution that can stand in for multiple legacy systems. For instance, by using MOM, a manufacturer can incorporate CAD models throughout factory operations.

MI is software that gathers data from various sources. The data can then be used in analysis and reports. MI and MOM, when used in conjunction, make previously unwieldy amounts of information more easily accessible. Before the emergence of these types of systems, those who wanted to collect and use information were hampered by the delays of melding various and incompatible types of data.

Knowledge Is Power

Manufacturers can use big data to gain a competitive edge. With the scrutiny of up-to-date information, businesses gain insight into factory processes. They can prepare reports based on their production line’s most current practices. Armed with this information, businesses can improve efficiency and potentially increase profitability. With more facts at their disposal, manufacturers are able to convey benefits and advantages to potential customers, partners and other interested parties.

MOM and MI systems are just the beginning. As systems become more integrated and data is more accessible, digitally savvy manufacturers will undoubtable tap into creative uses for the insights gained from data. Companies indifferent to big data and digital technologies risk getting left behind in today’s manufacturing environment.

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