How to Choose A Custom Metal Fabricator

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A custom metal fabricator builds things from metal. The end product might be an iron gate, a machine part or a miles-long conveyor belt. Hiring the right company is key to the success of your project. If you’re in charge of a plant upgrade, you’ll need to look for a contractor with industrial metal fabrication experience.

Here’s how to choose the right custom metal fabricator:

Does the Company Have Relevant Experience?

Look for a contractor with experience working on projects similar to yours. Metal fabrication is a broad field. You might find a team with excellent qualifications, but unless its past work is comparable to your project, keep looking.

For instance, if you want to improve handrails in your factory, look for a contractor experienced in making safety upgrades in facilities like yours. Read online testimonials and ask for references to learn more about a metal fabricator’s past work.

Is the Metal Fabricator Local?

It’s not necessary to hire a contractor based in the same town as your facility, but there are advantages to working with a nearby company. A local company will be familiar with your area’s building codes. It will understand the logistics of working in your town. And, when someone’s next door, it’s easier to meet.

Storee Construction is in Springfield, MO. We work in the Midwest, including in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma.

Can the Contractor Handle Your Project’s Scope?

Does the metal fabricator have a team that can handle the needs of your job? If you’re renovating or upgrading production, one of your priorities is minimizing delays. If the metal fabricator doesn’t have the resources to work quickly, you’re looking at significant downtime.

Storee is qualified to complete large, industrial jobs. Our team includes experts to handle every aspect of a project. From reworking structural supports to making minute welds, our metal fabrication crew takes your project from concept to completion. Our CAD team and certified welders work with you to make your plant efficient.

Are Safety Standards and Quality Control Stringent?

Nothing is more important than safety. When it comes to metal fabrication, quality work equals safer facilities. Storee’s team of welders are certified and internally trained to meet our high standards for safety. Our certified welding inspectors can check the security and quality the metal fabrication. And, you can rest assured that our highly trained team complies with all safety protocols while working in your plant.

Partners in Industrial Construction

Communication is key to any successful project. A metal fabricator must work with your team and understand your production goals. Storee Construction has been working with Midwest manufacturers since 1966. We understand the demands of industry. We will quickly analyze your pain points, finding solutions to streamline your project.

Storee Construction’s expertise and experience make our team the right choice for your industrial metal fabrication projects. Contact us for information about our services.