The Design Build Process

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Whether breaking ground on a new industrial plant or upgrading an existing manufacturing facility, the work done before breaking ground or demo work will often determine how efficiently the project will be completed. As a project manager, working with a construction company, electrical and plumbing subcontractors, an architect, and other vendors can feel a little bit like herding cats.

As the construction process grows in scope, so do the number of cats. As a company, building, or landowner, it can be difficult to keep track of, especially if you haven’t been through the process before. Even seasoned project managers stress about the different roles, deadlines, and potential dangers of every project.

With good reason. This is just a partial list of responsibilities present on any construction project:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Needs Analysis
  • Code, Permitting Considerations
  • Architectural Planning
  • Material Ordering
  • Securing Subcontractors
  • Equipment Delivery
  • Scheduling

It all needs to be set before the construction phase begins. Minor details can be major issues if not addressed from the start. Will every potential problem be identified during this stage? Not necessarily. But those bumps in the road will be mitigated with proper planning and an experienced design-build construction company.

One Point of Contact

Hiring Storee Construction for your design-build project won’t suddenly make those requirements, potential problems, and planning disappear. What it does mean is that we handle the nuts and bolts so you can concentrate on the big picture. Our experience with industrial and manufacturing facilities allows us to design not just the structure itself, but efficiencies within the building as well.

We’ll take care of the planning, securing permits, and getting the equipment, materials, and personnel. You have to answer to your client, you shouldn’t be at the back and call the framing sub. We’ll be your framing, safety, design, and the single source of information and updates on the worksite.

Commercial Construction
From the planning stages to the final walkthrough, we’ll take care of every aspect of a new build. Bringing together architectural design and engineering necessities, we’ll establish achievable goals and deadlines. Foundations and telecommunications, conveyer belts and gantry cranes, loading docks, and boardrooms. If it’s in the plan, we can implement it.

Building Construction
Need to upgrade your current facility? We have the experience to improve efficiency, productivity, and safety. Whether it’s a 10,000 square foot addition or installing catwalks and other safety infrastructure, Storee Construction upgrades existing structures to bring them up to code, implement new technologies, or improve workflows.

Conveyor Installation
After a site evaluation, our design-build team of engineers will improve your day-to-day operations to increase productivity. By using the available space (including overhead), loading, unloading, and sticking to a deadline will be that much easier.

Industrial Solutions
Installing new equipment or need help keeping your existing machines in good working order? Any downtime affects the bottom line, so Storee Construction offers service and maintenance plans to keep everything up and running. Redesigning the floor plan to increase productivity is a Storee Specialty.

Industrial Ventilation
The best way to keep production up is to keep your crews healthy and safe. Proper venting an OSHA requirement, no matter if it’s a manufacturing facility or a business park. Storee incorporates required ventilation in every new build as well as upgrading systems in existing plants.

Consider plumbing, electrical, telecommunications, and drainage as the nervous system of any structure. Without this infrastructure, your manufacturing plant would all of a sudden turn into a storage facility for expensive equipment. Instead of filling your phone with different companies for different aspects, just put Storee Construction at the front of the Rolodex.

Custom Work
Not every problem has a ready-made solution. Creating custom pieces is a specialty of our metal fabricators. Safety cages for access ladders and catwalks, altering existing equipment for more versatility, and stabilizing supports for different applications are just some of the uses for custom metalwork.

Plant Relocation
For any number of reasons, the best move a company can make is the one away from an existing building. Especially if a lease runs out or it’s just not possible to grow for expanded production. But finding a moving company that can deal with several tons of machinery, disassembly of million-dollar equipment, and safe relocation of highly sensitive products. But Storee can.

Along with reimagined floor plans, production processes, and overall site evaluations, Storee Construction is a design-build firm that takes care of it all. No job is too big for our experienced crews, no problem unsolvable. Click here to read more about our design-build services.