What are Design-Build Services?

 In Commercial Construction

When you need to build a state-of-the-art, quality, efficient, beautiful commercial building or plant, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. There are so many factors to consider: From equipment moving to safety improvements and renovation and modification, there’s a lot to keep track of. This is where Storee Construction comes in with our design-build services. As part of our custom, renowned, turn-key services, Storee Construction can handle everything from conception to completion.

Project Management Perfected

By using our design-build contracting services, your project is simplified and streamlined. Rather than attempting to coordinate all the project details, you can focus on making the big decisions with a single point-person.

With the Storee team and project tested affiliates, we completely handle the planning and construction as well as equipment and production installations to ensure the highest quality every step of the way. We require top-tier delivery across each specialty. With this familiarity comes exceptional teamwork; we have a common goal, and that is to deliver you a finished product that you–and we–are thrilled with.

You’ll never have to guess about your project, because we will keep you updated every step of the way. Our job is to ease your stress and maintain the highest standards throughout your project as your design-build contractor, so you don’t have to add the title of project manager to your already overflowing schedule and responsibilities.

Design Build process infographic by Storee Construction

Savings in Every Aspect

Design-build services at Storee Construction will save your project time and money. With our extensive experience in commercial and plant construction, we’ve seen just about every variety of plans and buildings, and of course the problems that can come with these projects. We have the ability to foresee potential issues and plan specifically around these to prevent problems before they happen.

On the rare occasion we are unable to predict and prevent an issue, your timeline won’t be hung up on waiting for different schedules from different companies. With Storee managing the project from design to completion, we manage any project challenges or delays to keep progress on schedule so competing timelines is a frustration that you won’t have to face. Our team will keep the focus on your project success.

Additionally your company won’t be cutting checks to a variety of contractors or different teams. From the beginning of the project, you’ll know exactly what each step looks like, what that phase entails, and who will be doing what. This streamlined approach allows us to manage the approval of any project changes so unexpected costs are controlled to keeps costs down and the project on schedule.

An Advantage Beyond General Contractors

Storee can not only help you plan and engineer your project, but we can also create building modifications during the construction process, and complete production installations after your new plant is completed. We go beyond construction into production layout and existing building or process modifications, making us the perfect partner in manufacturing or industrial design-build process.

Exceptional Design-Build Services in Springfield, Missouri

If you’re ready to have the highest quality service, with the best building possible, contact Storee Construction today