Forklift Safety Tips

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When it comes to the safety of your workplace, proper safety protocols are a must. Whether you are dealing with smaller construction projects or warehousing on a major scale, proper use of heavy equipment is crucial to preventing accidents. Recent reports suggest that over 85 deaths a year are caused due to negligence of forklift safety. That is why it is important to set up a forklift safety program at your business to make sure your employees are safe and your business runs smoothly.

Forklift safety program overview

The recommended forklift safety program includes regular vehicle check-ups and making sure that the equipment is only used for its intended purpose. Many of the yearly deaths occur due to objects falling from the forklift and onto individuals. As such, proper use of the machines is crucial to prevent these accidents and ensure that your workspace remains safe. Taking the time to examine forklifts and determine that each forklift is up-to-date on breaking mechanisms, warning lights, and an assortment of mechanical features is paramount to keeping your workers safe.

Along with this, having a system in place where employees can keep track of any problematic features will help ensure that even the smallest issue does not go unnoticed. Even a slight problem with the breaking line can balloon into catastrophic and deadly mistakes. Keeping a checklist of check-up points that are signed daily can help make sure that your forklift safety program is being followed to the letter.

Using the proper equipment for the task at hand is key to keeping your workplace accident free. There are a variety of different forklifts for different needs, and it is key to use the right lift for the right task. For example, trying to use the average forklift in a tight space can result in accidents and knocked stacks of stock. Similarly, using a smaller forklift for a heavier load can lead to slippage and result in dropped stock, which can endanger workers. Never have an employee ride on the lift portion of a forklift, and make sure that every employee is aware of the presence of the forklift by using the safety lights.

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While these seem like simple forklift safety tips, they can help dramatically impact the safety of your workplace. If you are interested in investing in a new forklift to better suit your needs, or you have any question regarding safety protocol advice, contact Storee Construction. We would be happy to answer any of your building and heavy equipment related questions, and advise you on the right tool for your project.