How to Select An Industrial General Contractor

 In Industrial Construction

When selecting an industrial general contractor, it’s important to understand the differences between the design and delivery methods various contractors employ. Making the right choice can result in saving time, money, and frustration.

The typical contractor usually manages projects using the plan/spec method of delivery. If you opt for a contractor using this system, you may have to deal with a number of vendors, separate contracts, and manage issues that might arise between the parties. You are responsible for coordinating and communicating between each of them, and you must bear any risk for inadequate designs, missed deadlines, escalating costs, and poor deliverables.

It’s All in the Details! Make Sure your Industrial Contractor is Working for YOU!

Choosing an industrial general contractor that uses the design/build method gives you the advantage of a single point of contact. This process not only increases and improves communication, but also reduces the risk of project errors. Use of the design/build methodology ensures design integration and the ability to establish goals that will be carried through all aspects of the project. With total responsibility, the contractor is able to manage every detail, reducing your risk and liability.

An Industrial Experienced Contractor Builds in Added Value

A design/build contractor can also encourage design innovations and customization at a very early stage. With streamlined coordination, project completion is faster and quality is increased. If the general contractor has the ability to self-perform many of the tasks, the result can be very cost effective with faster delivery. Drawings, specifications, and more accurate pricing can be determined at the proposal stage, eliminating the need to wait for recommendations from additional vendors.

Use Proven Project Team for Guaranteed Results

Select an experienced design/build contractor with a broad set of capabilities and an excellent reputation. Storee is an industrial general contractor highly skilled in the design/build process and offers a wide range of services. Storee self-performs many functions and provides a staff of highly-skilled professionals, including industrial electricians, millwrights, conveyor installers, and production equipment installers. To learn more about the advantages of using an industrial general contractor with design/build experience, contact Storee at 888-736-2022. www.storee.com