Identify and Eliminate Waste Through Process Improvement

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reduce waste with process improvementHistorically, the primary objective of process improvement has been to boost productivity. In fact, by using advanced methodologies, the majority of manufacturers have been able to improve productivity by 25% over the past few years.

Now, continuous process improvement is being employed as part of new lean manufacturing initiatives designed to eliminate waste. A process can be any set of actions or decisions, either simple or complicated, and comprehensive process analysis should be routinely conducted to determine which processes are inefficient. The goal, therefore, is to ultimately define the root cause of problems, and not only correct errors, but elevate and streamline each process.

Waste can take the form of time, materials, cost, manpower, and opportunities. Process improvement, by nature, is proactive and involves identification, analysis, and a systemic approach for improvement. While existing process elements can be corrected and improved, this is the time to examine how to prepare for future opportunities.

General Motors, for example, has been making a concerted effort where process improvement and waste reduction is concerned.

“Our employees consistently challenge conventional manufacturing operations, thinking of ways to create efficiencies, reduce scrap and design products with the environment in mind. This led to cutting total waste from global operations by 43% and reducing non-recycled waste by 73% from 2000 through 2010. From 2010 to 2013, we reduced total waste generated per vehicle by another 10% at our global manufacturing facilities.”

The manufacturing organization’s path to the future cannot merely reshuffle existing elements. It often requires change that enables and redefines standards. Facilities may need to be upgraded or new buildings may need to be built to bring a substandard operation to future success.

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