Improve Project Collaboration, Integration, and Documentation with BIM

 In Industrial Construction

BIM building information modeling3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) combines project integration with enhanced information to provide both a centralized planning platform and a strategic management tool. There are several advantages to choosing a general contractor with BIM integration capabilities including improved communication, elimination of redundancies, streamlining and removing inefficiencies, and improving overall productivity.

BIM is an intelligent, model-centric process that helps manage the increasing technical complexity of today’s construction and infrastructure projects. Improved collaboration during the design phase between owners, designers, planners and the contractor ensures a higher level of project execution. AutoCad Revit® software provides more accuracy in the construction design phase, allowing evaluation of processes, construction methods and requirements, project team responsibilities, and materials. Superior project concept collaboration and a clear vision of the outcome improves decisions and accountability resulting in meeting cost, schedule, scope and quality goals.

Integration into existing facility conditions is simplified through condition assessment and simulation capabilities based on current facility data. Integrating new improvements with existing systems, processes, workflows, and controls at the inception of the project allows analysis, synchronization, and correlation while avoiding problems.

BIM provides quick documentation of as-built conditions. This comprehensive record is automated for future planning and building considerations including infrastructure renovation and retrofit projects. It also serves as an accurate record for space management planning and routine facility operations.

With extensive industrial construction experience and 3D Building Information Modeling capabilities, Storee provides full team collaboration to improve project planning.   Throughout the project design-build process, Storee minimizes risk to our clients by providing the best design and construction teams for each project.

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