Need for Industrial Safety

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An industrial safety assessment identifies hazards in your facility. The assessment also recommends changes to enhance safety. The suggested improvements reduce or eliminate dangers. It’s an essential tool for industrial facility managers to keep plants safe.

The goal of an industrial safety assessment is to protect workers and products. An additional benefit of improved safety is often a boost in productivity. With fewer hazards to contend with, businesses can pour more resources into production.

Who Should Get an Industrial Safety Assessment?

Businesses must meet OSHA regulations. To comply with laws, manufacturing plants and industrial facilities should be regularly checked.

A safety assessment is the first step toward meeting government requirements. More importantly, a thorough evaluation identifies potential risks to your workforce or products. Once found, you can eliminate hazards before they cause an accident or injury.

If your place of business doesn’t meet safety standards, you could be subject to a fine. You could be penalized if the violations come to light or if someone is hurt onsite. Between fines, worker’s compensation and legal settlements, a single injury could carry a heavy financial burden. Aside from the money, no employer wants to see an employee get hurt.

On the other hand, if your company’s safety compliance is outstanding, that’s also important to know. You can use your stellar record and facility as a selling point with clients, consumers and job candidates.

Who Should Perform a Safety Assessment?

Companies involved in complex manufacturing processes often hire a professional to complete the assessment. Storee Construction offers safety assessments and more. As your safety and facilities contractor, we’ll work with you on an ongoing basis. We’ll get to know you, your employees and your production schedule.

Manufacturers and other types of businesses may have internal safety committees or personnel. These staff members often look after day-to-day procedures, guiding employees in safe work practices. If your company has such a team, Storee personnel will partner with them.

How Storee Conducts a Safety Assessment

Storee contractors review your equipment, building and process. They spend time looking at every aspect of production. Working with your team, they steep themselves in your business and procedures.

They look for hazards and identify solutions. They prioritize projects, evaluating both safety and production. Our team will propose improvements that strike the right balance for your business. After many years upgrading manufacturing and industrial plants, Storee knows how to update a facility without stopping production or contaminating products.

Our personnel will learn your plant’s safety rules, practices and requirements. This in-depth knowledge of your plant, means a Storee plant safety contractor can quickly spot trouble spots and suggest fixes and improvements. We take a proactive approach to safety upgrades, ensuring your facility is in compliance at all times.

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