Partner with an Industrial General Contractor to Solve Problems

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“The best-laid plans of mice and men go oft awry,” wrote Robert Burns the Scottish poet.

Burns wrote those words in a 1785 poem after accidentally ploughing through a mouse’s nest. The mouse started with a good plan – it built itself a cozy home – but it had no recourse when disaster struck.

Storee is an industrial general contractor. We build commercial structures, not homes for either men or mice. We’ve tackled difficult projects, overcome unexpected challenges and know how to shift gears when a plan needs to change.

Every Plan Needs A Point Person

Every project needs a plan, and every plan needs to be carried out by someone who thinks on their feet. When it comes to a complex commercial build, it’s an industrial general contractor who takes charge of the project.

It’s no secret what a general contractor does. They oversee construction. From beginning to end, a general contractor keeps the project moving forward. They hire specialists and subcontractors. They make sure licenses and permits are in order. They see that things are completed on time and within budget.

A Coordinated Effort

Storee Construction works on the design and build model. With this type of delivery system, your project is streamlined because we take care of everything. We partner with you to conceive a plan. We then coordinate every part of the project to ensure it’s completed in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Some industrial general contractor use the plan and spec mode. These contractors leave the details to someone else. That means you’ll be juggling multiple vendors, contracts, schedules, budgets and, inevitably, plans that go awry. Overseeing the minutiae of construction and contractors will take time away from your business.

Costs and complications can quickly spiral out of control in the plan and spec model. Without a key contractor in charge, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The person or team that builds your project needs a broad and deep understanding of industrial construction. But they need to know more. They need to understand your company’s vision and goals. They need to work with you as a partner.

Storee is a Missouri-based, family-owned business. If you’re building in Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas or Oklahoma, it makes sense to use a contractor in your neighborhood. Our company has the experience and resources to complete large projects, and we’re able to give your project priority. There are bigger, national companies out there, but they don’t always know how to get things done in the Midwest.

Long-Term Facilities Contractor

We build industrial structures, but we can also take care of your equipment upkeep and upgrades on a continuing basis. When we serve as your company’s facility contractor, we’ll keep a close eye on your conveyors, electricals, safety systems and more. A facilities contractor is steeped in your company’s culture and processes. If there’s a breakdown or emergency, having someone who knows your systems keeps downtime to a minimum.

Storee is a full-service industrial and commercial contractor. Contact us at 888-736-2032 to learn more about our services.