Planning a Paint Booth Installation

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Manufacturing updates and upgrades keep a business competitive. Without continuous improvements, facilities become obsolete and can’t match the pace of modern production. Industries that depend on an efficient paint booth need to comply with both manufacturing and safety guidelines. Before installing or upgrading a paint booth, you and your contractor need to establish goals for the project.

Planning a Paint Booth Installation

Storee Construction can help you get your project off on the right foot, designing construction to meet your needs, timeline and budget. Before a plant upgrade, we’ll help you complete the following prerequisites:

  • Evaluate the existing facility and recommend needed modifications to house the paint booth.
  • Measure available space and access routes.
  • Analyze the potential effect on adjacent production during construction and after project completion.
  • Understand the facilities production process and how the paint booth will fit into the operations.
  • Anticipate and plan solutions for potential problems with installation. This includes an analysis of walls, floors and other structures, electrical systems and ability of construction equipment to reach the build site.

What Kind of Paint Booth Do You Need?

Installing a paint booth has special requirements. Many of the details of the undertaking will depend on the needs of your industry and company. Before we start building, we’ll work with you to define the scope of the installation. Here are some questions to answer before finalizing construction plans:

Is your business growing? If you’re anticipating a growth in business, you’ll want a paint booth that supports your company’s growing needs. Remodeling soon after construction to accommodate more work is inefficient.

Does the booth need to be heated? A heated booth cures more quickly. If heating is required, the design should incorporate the needed materials from the start rather than as an afterthought.

What are the power requirements? It will be necessary to establish the paint booth’s power needs. Once power requirements are established, our industrial electricians can make sure your booth will have adequate power for the task.

Other considerations: Will the paint booth require the installation of ductwork? Will you need a control panel? What type of fire suppression will be required?

Questions arise during a paint-booth installation. Our team has the experience to work around roadblocks, finding a way to power through problems.

Storee Construction’s strength is partnering with businesses to build custom solutions. Contact us today to learn more about paint booth installation and repair.