Plant Layout

In the go go go world of today, new technologies seem to be created annually to help improve productivity. Automations, smart devices, and other technological advances are implemented to help reduce downtime and increase efficiency. In some cases, however, simply reimagining the manufacturing floor will go a long way to improving cycle times.

Storee Construction has been improving process layouts and workflows in manufacturing, commercial, and industrial facilities for more than five decades. Whether it’s upgrading existing processes or implementing time-saving procedures in new builds, we can help save you time no matter your industry.

As they say, time is money. An improved plant layout design streamlines the manufacturing process, increases the flow of material, and may even pave the way for future expansion if that’s one of your goals. Lean manufacturing processes don’t always lead to better results. But thoughtful changes to your production line will.


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Material Handling

The best way to improve productivity in a manufacturing facility is to cut down the time spent moving materials from point A to point B. Storee Construction will inspect your current practices and make recommendations for improvement. Every little bit helps, and we’re experts at finding those lost minutes that add up to hours during the day.

Could moving the finished product be automated? Would conveyor belts reduce the amount of manual handling time of raw material? Would production upgrades or newer equipment improve productivity? These are questions we ask ourselves when evaluating a new industrial plant or manufacturing facility layout.

Equipment Moving

When assessing a plant, we first look to get a better understanding of what you do. What you manufacture, how you manufacture, and what your goals are. We’ve worked with food processing plants, heavy manufacturing, distribution centers, transfer stations, and a wide variety of other large facilities. When determining an improved plant layout, we work from the ground up.

In many cases, it’s just reimagining where your equipment or machinery is located. As we said earlier, improved technology is created to help efficiency. But how do you insert those technologies into your existing standard operating procedures? Equipment that was state-of-the-art thirty years ago may not be able to keep up as it once did.

It could make sense to move the equipment to another area of the facility to maximize its performance. Or does it make sense to replace the machinery altogether? For facilities that have been up and running for decades, it may be time to update or upgrade your procedures. Sometimes all it takes is a little reorganization.

Taking Safety Seriously

Storee Construction will never sacrifice safety for efficiency. Obviously, as a business owner, project manager, or crew lead, you don’t want to see anyone get injured. But an on-the-job accident can also end up costing you lost productivity on the floor as well as affecting the bottom line financially.

It’s estimated that 690,000 employees are hurt or get sick on the job in the United States every year. This pencils out to around $156 billion of lost revenue for businesses. Certainly, not every accident can be prevented, but why not mitigate these losses when you can?

Storee will train your crews on new processes we’ve implemented as well as installing catwalks, handrails, safety signage, and more to keep workers as safe as possible. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration estimates for every dollar spent on safety, nearly $1.90 is saved on production costs.

Lean Layout Experts

Keeping a continuous flow of high-quality products for the marketplace with as little downtime as possible is the aim of any plant layout configuration. Whether it’s injecting lean principles to production scheduling, changing your procedures and processes, or simply upgrading your infrastructure, Storee Construction will improve your plant layout and keep you on target.

Working with our experienced facility contractor, you’ll improve your type of layout as well as streamline existing processes. Our Design-Build team can engineer other changes too, such as upgrading electrical panels, making better use of the available space (including overhead), and other continuous improvements that allow you to keep pace with the competition.

Storee Construction has worked throughout the midwest since 1966. Why not use our experience to your advantage? Whether it’s plant layout concerns, improved safety measures, plant relocations, or even improved HVAC systems, we have the skills to work around your schedule without disrupting your work in process.

Just reach out and tell us what you need. We’re ready to be your industrial construction or renovation partner.

Storee Construction: A Trusted Partner for Industrial Solutions
Storee has provided industrial solutions for many large companies on an ongoing basis for up to a 40-year span. Our goal is to help our manufacturing clients achieve maximum production payback. We minimize disruption by coordinating all on-site work. With long-term client relationships and our wide range of services, we are ready to manage any issue and offer 24-hour emergency response. Contact Storee to take advantage of our industrial services including custom product applications and strategic planning.

Storee Construction is located in Springfield, Missouri and performs work across the nation. The company provides industrial and commercial construction as well as electrical services and equipment moving and installations.

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