Production Upgrades for Commercial Food Facilities

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The right plant upgrades streamline output at food facilities, creating an up-to-date processing system.

Managers report that they see the most return on their retrofit investment when they modernize ventilation, facility layout, drainage and automation.

A major upgrade isn’t something to rush. Commercial food facilities have specific needs around sanitation, refrigeration and safe handling. Executives rightly worry about interrupting production and maintaining the structural stability of a plant.

Working With an Industrial Contractor Who Understands

A modernization for a food production facility starts with a contractor who knows the field. Developing a strong working relationship with an established company is the best foundation for an upgrade.

Our team has the experience to:

  • Minimize lost productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Limit overruns
  • Eliminate poor workmanship

You need to invest time planning an upgrade with people who understand what you’re about. Being clear about what you need and how the contractor will proceed can speed up work and give you a plant that meets current and future needs.

Here is a look at how Storee can help you accomplish an upgrade.

Improve Ventilation

Food production means refrigerated process areas. One of the biggest problems that managers face is moisture created in the wash-down cycle. Better ventilation and an improved exhaust system get rid of moisture.

It eliminates the need for drying out the equipment, using up time or having workers manually clean up before restarting production. Labor costs are reduced and production is streamlined.

Update the Layout

A skilled design team can keep raw materials and products flowing without interruption. Common layout improvements include:

  • Building dedicated loading docks for raw materials
  • Creating a flow for moving goods through storage and processing
  • Setting dirty bins, machinery and trash on their own pathway, away from clean areas

It also pays to design more functional areas for employees. These can include cleaning and dressing areas at the entrance to your production space, as well as building a separate portal for production workers, away from office staff.

Modernize the Drainage

Better drains improve both sanitation and worker safety. Good targets are areas of standing water and drains that need constant cleaning. Upgrading to trench drains is a long-term advantage in spots where there is a steady flow of water.

In some cases all you need are bigger drains. Your contractor might also recommend pitching the floor to guide water into the drain.

Install Automation

The more you automate, the greater the savings in labor costs. Some food facilities have managed to remove the human factor, from raw materials to the finished goods.

But even partial automation of specific sections of the process can reap savings from greater speed and capacity, less waste and increased consistency.

Work With Experts

Storee Construction has been handling complex plant upgrades since 1966.  We are a family-owned business, offering a soup-to-nuts solution to your food facility modernization.

Storee project managers are available 24/7 throughout the upgrade process. They understand that your food facility needs special handling to keep it operating at peak efficiency. Storee, with over five decades in the business, knows how to streamline the work and keep you in operation all through the modernization.

Contact the experts at Storee Construction today at 888-736-2032 for a free priority assessment.