As one of the premier metal fabricators in the Midwest, Storee Construction knows how much time and money can be saved by bringing all welding in-house. Turn around times are much faster between initial design and finished product and there is no miscommunication between multiple parties.

Do you find certain projects are being held up because you’re waiting for welding work to be completed at another location? Or are your crews having to take special precautions because there is no one designated space for welding? Let Storee Construction smooth the way for more streamlined procedures and safer processes.

Welding Booth Installations

Your welding booth can be made to standard or custom sizes to fit your needs. Our design-build team will work with you to ensure you get the welding booth you need, including shelving, cutting tables, gas or airlines, outlets, and other welding fixtures necessary for any welding project.

Our high-quality welding booths also protect the rest of your employees by consolidating the fumes and gasses to one area. This will increase the amount of square footage on the floor because the welding area will no longer need a wide berth when in use.

Safety First

While most professional welders are outfitted with face shields and protective clothing, there are other safety measures that need to be considered. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires welding areas to be fire safe. These booths can be made of metal or concrete.

Allowances must also be made for a filtration system that removes welding fumes from the area or “breathing zone.” Storee Construction will design and install ventilation systems that remove the fumes and bring in clean air. We can also install fume extractors that can be used in specific areas of the booth.

These fume extraction arms are designed for welding booths or open areas to localize the removal of fumes. These arms are often found in technical colleges, training facilities, and other welding schools to protect the students as well as the instructors. Exposure to welding fumes or gasses can lead to kidney problems, lung damage, and certain forms of cancer.

Streamline Your Work Area

Don’t currently have an ideal solution to perform your welding operations? In addition to welding lab/booth installation, Storee Construction helps facility owners make the most of their work area by improving the floor layout. Making additional space by consolidating equipment or improving productivity by changing processes, we’ll make your plant more efficient than it’s ever been.

Storee Construction has been making production upgrades for manufacturing, industrial, and commercial facilities throughout the Midwest since 1966. Welding booths, painting and spraying booths, conveyor belts, and other process equipment will keep your production times low and profits high.

If you need a welding booth, electrical upgrades, automation, or even a reimagined floor layout, reach out to Storee Construction. From moving machinery within the facility – or even relocating your plant – we have the experience to improve your efficiencies while always keeping safety in mind. We look forward to hearing from you.