Industrial Renovation: Stay On Top of Demand with a Plant Renovation

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Industrial Renovations Help Plants Keep Up With Demand

Whether your manufacturing business is growing or slowing, now is an ideal time for an industrial renovation.

An increase in demand requires more space. New product lines need new equipment. Growth requires continual evaluations and plant upgrades for safety and efficiency.

A temporary slowdown, meanwhile, allows time to reevaluate and reassess. It also provides breathing room for the implementation of industrial renovations so you’ll be ready for the inevitable return of a bull market.


U.S. manufacturers have long had a bright outlook. A 2016 article by the Wall Street Journal detailed how business here at home have been gradually picking up since the end of the Great Recession. Smaller manufacturers that sell mainly to U.S. consumers are doing especially well according to several sources cited in the article.

Recent weeks, however, have provided us all with a glimpse of a worrying trend — at least as far as the stock market is concerned.

As CNBC reported on March 11, 2020, “The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed in a bear market. This means that it’s now more than 20% below its most recent high, which happens to have been from only last month. The move lower was sharp and swift, and puts an end to the expansion that started in 2009 during the throes of the financial crisis.”

Bright Spots and Opportunities

Still, for American manufacturers, the future remains bright despite the recent turbulence in the market, caused in no small part by insecurities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Northwest Arkansas, for example, has long been one of the nation’s economic bright spots. Just a few years ago, employment in the state was at an all-time high with 1.3 million people working. Unemployment in the area was low, just 2.4 percent.

What’s making the Arkansas economy so robust? Around Springdale, Rogers and Fayetteville it’s agricultural businesses driving growth. Poultry processing is huge. So is trucking and transportation.

These traditionally important industries pave the way for other types of manufacturing, including advanced manufacturing. Technology is needed to support these businesses. It all leads to expansion and diversification in the industrial sector.

Storee Construction can help your company take advantage of new opportunities. We’ve worked extensively in Arkansas. We can plan, design and build plant upgrades. We can oversee industrial renovations.

Our expertise includes food processing plants, material handling, electric motor assembly, machining and other commercial and industrial construction.

Industrial Renovation Solutions

An increase in business requires an upgrade in your production facility and industrial buildings. Expansion, change and growth can be tricky to manage, especially in and around working spaces. You can make the most of your opportunities when you partner with an experienced industrial contractor.

Whether your plant is in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma or anywhere in the Midwest, we can help.

A plant renovation doesn’t necessarily happen all at once. Sometimes upgrades happen in phases. Your plant may need a modification now. As business continues to grow, it’s also important to plan for future needs.

Here are some of the things we do when we work on a plant renovation:

  • Evaluate the existing building for new production lines. This includes confirming there’s space and access to service for new equipment and machinery.
  • Design building modifications for new equipment installation. This may include adding or removing walls, building an addition or modifying industrial electricals.
  • Devise a strategy to minimize disruption to production during construction. We plan for safe and adequate access to work areas during and after construction.
  • Identify and manage potential problems. This includes analysis of electricals, utilities and structural constraints. We also help limit possible product contamination during plant construction.

Storee has been helping companies adapt to times of boom and bust since 1966. Contact us today to learn more about our industrial renovation and plant services.