Steel Stud Framing Standards

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Wood-framed construction is one of the most popular types of framing methods for homes around the United States. It allows for quick construction with a simple nail gun and the can be used to create homes with many different geometric shapes. Still, while wood framing is adaptable and versatile, it is not the preferred method with commercial construction framing. Instead, metal or steel framing is most ideal.

These steel frames come with a variety of benefits, which makes them the best option for a new commercial building.

Benefit #1: They are fire and insect-proof.

Metal studs won’t catch on fire and they are resistant to ants, termites, and other insects that can cause damage to the structure of the building.

Benefit #2: They are sturdy.

Steel studs will not rot, warp, or be affected by moisture or humidity. They are straight and will stay that way, no matter what elements they are put in contact with.

Benefit #3: They are lightweight.

Steel studs are surprisingly lightweight and easier to store and carry because they are hollow inside.

Benefit #4: They are environmentally friendly.

Metal scrap material is recyclable! In addition, steel studs can be ordered in custom sizes, meaning there will be less waste when compared to other materials like wood.

Benefit #5: They are simple to install.

Steel studs are straightforward to work with, especially since they weigh less than wood. They are attached with screws, so they can be assembled in whatever way necessary, or changed as needed. These studs also have built-in holes for electrical wiring, which adds an extra level of convenience to the building project.

Steel stud framing is ideal for commercial construction projects, and our team at Storee Construction is experienced in working with it! We will work with you to create a commercial building that aligns with current industry standards on both construction and cutting-edge design.

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