Working with Storee’s Project Managers

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When the time comes to partner with a construction support company, you’ll almost certainly be looking to build a relationship that lasts — not just for a single project, but for many.

That’s the ideal situation, is it not? To finally be able to put an end to the searching and establish a partnership that stands the test of time?

As the construction industry advances and new technologies come online, you want a company on your side that’s already foreseen those advances and has prepared for them.

Heck, you want a company that spearheaded many of those advances.

What you want is Storee Construction. We’re a full-service construction project management company that’s been in business since 1966. Based in Springfield, Missouri, Storee is one of the most respected industrial contractors in the Midwest. We provide time-tested solutions to complex manufacturing, distribution, and commercial applications.

Storee handles all aspects of commercial and industrial building projects, including new constructions, renovations, modifications, equipment moving, facility relocations, electrical systems and controls, equipment and conveyor installations, safety improvements, and custom metal fabrications, and more.

So, what’s on your task list today? How can Storee help?

Construction Project Management

If you’re looking for a construction project manager, you’re unlikely to find a company that features such a wealth of knowledge and experience than the project managers at Storee. The expert project management team at Storee has seen it all, and they’ll work with you to complete any and all of your construction-related tasks.

When you establish and build a relationship with Storee, you’ll notice the difference right away.

Think of our project managers as your industrial construction solution providers. No matter what you need for a particular project — building construction, layout, and production improvements, equipment relocations, industrial installations — the Storee team have been there, done that.

At Storee, it’s important to us that we build relationships that last. Working with our project managers and construction superintendents means your project will run smoothly. You’ll also deal with them directly — and in person. Our construction project managers don’t sit behind a desk all day; they’ll be out there with you, managing the project and anticipating solutions to potential problems they can see from a mile away.

Even better, Storee self performs many of the skilled construction trades or works with a select group of the project tested subcontractors. We bring a team that is hands-on, experienced, and ready to work.

That’s the kind of smooth, detailed, and knowledgable project management skills that our years of combined experience can bring you. Without an experienced project manager, you risk devastating impacts on your bottom line. From the start, Storee project management will build out a successful strategy and oversee its implementation.

Role Of The Project Manager

As noted above, Storee Construction has been in the business for more than 50 years. During that time, we’ve remained at the forefront of innovations and revolutions in the construction building industry.

Our project managers have had to evolve along with the times.

Project managers now oversee day-to-day operations while harnessing technologies that were the stuff of science fiction when Storee first put shovel to ground back in 1966. It’s no longer enough to simply focus on deliverables — although that’s obviously a major part of any project manager’s to-do list. Today’s project managers must also multitask, prioritizing issues at a critically high level while providing innovative and implementable solutions.

Some of the things your project manager will take control of when you partner with Storee:

  • Project design phase
  • Systems maintenance
  • Systems (including technological) interactions
  • Implementing new strategies and techniques
  • Collaborating with owners and employees
  • Establishing a clear line of communication

Your project manager will also be on guard against any number of trip-ups that can doom a construction project: design errors, cost overruns, schedule delays, and more.

Storee Construction

As an industrial construction company, Storee specializes in:

  • Building Construction
  • Equipment Moving and Installation
  • Conveyor Installation
  • Facility Relocation and Consolidation
  • Production Area Upgrades
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Commercial Construction
  • And more!

The Storee team will be with you every step of the way for the duration of your industrial construction project. From our initial meeting — during which we’ll establish project goals and begin outlining a potential course of action — all the way through the design review and construction phases, Storee’s experts will guide your project smoothly through to completion.

And please remember: Storee isn’t looking for a quick buck. We want your initial partnership with us to be the first in a long and fruitful collaboration. When you do well, Storee does well.

Work with us! We think you’ll find that we make the perfect partner for all your manufacturing and industrial construction needs.

Long story short: Our hard-won experience and our record of success are why so many construction firms throughout Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas rely on us to deliver outstanding results.

Contact Storee today at 888-967-5189 to discuss your project with us.