Catwalks and Construction

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Found overhead to give crews better access to machinery, catwalks are an easy way to take advantage of often unused space in facilities with high ceilings. From design, construction, and installation, Storee Construction outfits industrial and manufacturing plants with catwalks that are both efficient and safe.

Facilities Contractor

As a facilities contractor, Storee Construction serves as a property management company of sorts to keep your building running just as it should. This includes servicing and maintaining catwalks to make sure workers have safe access and overhead walking surfaces.

If needed, we will perform catwalk upgrades to your existing building. This could be improving catwalks already in place, removing and replacing unstable catwalks, and custom designing catwalks to make the best use of the area. Of course, Storee Construction will also maintain the rest of the facility as well.


The needs of manufacturing or industrial operations can change depending on what is needed. Storee Construction will design and build steel catwalk systems or work platforms that will make the best use of the space you have available. We have more than 50 years of experience in industrial construction and are familiar with requirements, codes, and other requirements of the region.

No matter if you’re building a new facility or upgrading an existing plant, Storee Construction can design a custom solution with an eye towards efficiency. Many catwalks systems need to be retro-fitted for your needs. The catwalks we make will not only improve your facility, but they are also made to meet OSHA compliance.


Unaddressed safety issues or unfollowed protocols can cost any business time and money. Whether someone burns their hand on a hot grill or is injured by a large piece of industrial equipment. On average, the manufacturing industry sees nearly 700,000 workers get injured or sick on the job. This results in up to $156 billion in losses.

While catwalks may help with efficiency and quality control, if they put workers in harm’s way, they could do more than good. They could be too close to moving machinery, improperly installed, or poorly maintained. Safety is a major concern for us at Storee Construction. Before we build any catwalks for our clients, we make sure to inspect where they will be installed.

This gives us a better idea of what the facility needs and helps us determine if plans can be improved. For example, the most efficient route for a catwalk may force workers to walk over industrial chemicals or too close to a gantry lift. While moving it 10 feet in either direction may slightly hurt efficiency, it could improve safety 10-fold.

Catwalks are a necessity in almost every manufacturing or industrial facility. While providing better views of the facility floor they can also aid in equipment maintenance or service. None of that matters if the positioning, construction, or installation of the structure doesn’t take safety into consideration.

If your facility could use an upgrade to take advantage of currently unused overhead space, give us a call. We will plan, design, build, install, and service your catwalks. We’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of your plant while keeping your workers safe.