Main Contractor Roles and Responsibilities

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When it comes to your commercial construction project, insight and detail management while working through the plan is key. Whether it’s a simple build or a more comprehensive plan that has a variety of factors to consider, your project’s success depends on a well-executed plan and an experienced contractor to oversee the project.

Storee Construction is a full-service commercial construction contractor based out of Springfield, Missouri that utilizes an experienced and highly trained construction team that will help you complete your project on time and on budget. Our team commits to helping you realize your project goals efficiently.

Our role includes:

Coordinating architecture and engineering services

Architecture and engineering services are a key part of the construction phase and it can get overwhelming to have to manage the details without the expertise of a contractor. Storee coordinates meetings with the architects and engineers. They ensure that your project goals are communicated clearly.

Evaluating the site

An important part of the construction process is streamlining workflow in order to maximize the space. Our contractors will determine the best ways to use the construction site, which will ensure everyone is kept safe and on schedule.

Detail management

Commercial construction projects are a big undertaking. Our contractor team will talk to you about your overall project goals. We’ll discuss the details to help realize those goals. We will not let anything slip through the cracks. We will make sure every detail is covered. You can trust that we have taken care of it, so extra work, cost, and time is not wasted.

Our team at Storee Construction has experience in a wide variety of commercial projects and we are capable of handling anything that comes our way. Our team has the hands-on expertise it takes to finish the job well. Whether it’s the building permits or managing site excavation. If it’s overseeing budget estimates or supervising everything that goes into the electrical installation or exterior finishing.

Contact us today for more information. Our contractors can help make your commercial construction project set sail with ease.