Equipment moving starts with planned access and factory design

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Will it Fit?

The most challenging aspect of successful manufacturing equipment relocation can be planning the access path through the production areas to the final equipment site. The question of “will it fit?”  has to be measured and considered at every door opening, every corner, and through every production aisle. Shortening the distance between access points to installation location can save time and money by eliminating production disruption and possible dismantling of building or equipment already in the access pathway.

Is there another way?

Reviewing the factory design and building layout for alternate access points to shorten pathways or decrease dismantling of existing installations is critical during the planning process. Temporary removal of exterior wall panels complete with construction of concrete dock and heavy truck access may be more cost effective than proceeding with extensive factory modifications needed to install equipment directly through existing factory entrances. Also consider roof access points as crane and aerial equipment moving can make lifting the equipment to the installation area a feasible option when compared to the cost of extensive building and equipment modifications.

Use compact and powerful to maneuver equipment through factory

The equipment may fit, but you also have to consider the size of the machinery doing the heavy lifting. Industrial forklifts or cranes used to install manufacturing equipment require heavy lifting capacity and counterweights. Equipment moving contractors experienced in production installations use specialized compact forklifts with removable counterweights to improve access and maneuverability during the moving process. The use of compact equipment can make an access route through the middle of a facility possible and save manufacturers thousands on equipment moving and production installation costs.

Consider all factors when planning equipment installations in order to reduce overall equipment installation costs. A site review of your facility with an experienced equipment mover skilled in planning access routes will provide best cost alternatives to complete your equipment moving and production installation projects.

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