If increased efficiency is what you’re after, Storee Construction can help.

Whether your immediate objective is to successfully install new equipment in your current Joplin facility or you are considering constructing a new plant in the Jasper County / Newton County area, we have the expertise to make your project a success.

Strategic Solutions, Comprehensive Planning
Partnering with an industrial contractor that understands your business objectives and has worked on dozens of projects like yours will both keep you on budget and minimize production downtime.

Over 50% of changes in orders are due to a change of scope in project. Having a facilities contractor that has experience with similar undertakings means that they understand the nuances of your project and can anticipate any changes that may be necessary—ahead of time.

They can foresee any potential complications or changes in scope, and incorporate them into the strategic plan.

Streamlined Operations
The most profitable manufacturing operations are agile: managers can both anticipate and react to supply line changes, as well as changes in product demand. Does your current facility have the infrastructure to respond to both spikes and slow-downs?

Even good operations could be better. Even minor inefficiencies can come with major opportunity costs. Effectively maximizing productivity while ensuring worker safety and factory morale is often the defining factor in getting recognized by corporate as a truly outstanding manager.

Meticulous Installations

Whether your immediate Conveyor belt system installed by Storee Construction objective is install a new conveyor system or implement electrical system upgrades to accommodate growing production needs, Storee Construction can help you get there, on budget and on schedule.

Our clients invest in enhanced infrastructure, and we invest in our clients. Our partnership may commence with a single-objective project, such as safely moving heavy equipment (up to 300 tons), or fabricating custom metal pieces to improve worker safety or production capacity.

Comprehensive Building Construction

Food manufacturing plant installation by Storee Construction For 50 years, Storee Construction has been a leader in the Four States for industrial and commercial contractor services. Companies like Kraft Foods, Buckhorn Industries, and Regal Beloit come to us year-after-year for expert support as they continue to grow.

We are proud to serve the economy of southwestern Missouri, and promote job creation and safe work practices. Whether you are considering relocating your manufacturing facility to the Joplin area or are thinking of constructing a new commercial space in any part of Jasper county, please do not hesitate to consult with us before commencing your next project.

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