Expert Manufacturing Plant Contractor in Lebanon, MO

Whether you are about to install new equipment in your current facility, expand into a larger facility, or construct a new manufacturing plant entirely, Storee Construction can help.

A trusted industrial construction expert since 1966, Storee Construction is proud to serve Laclede County with the highest caliber of contractor services in the state of Missouri.

With clients ranging from Kraft Foods to Regal Beloit, we at Storee Construction are dedicated to helping optimize every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Superior Services, Satisfied Clients

Starting with more straightforward tasks such as conveyor installation or equipment moving, our thorough commitment to detailed process and effective procedural optimization reflects in every project we execute.

The lasting quality of our installations and the productivity milestones stemming from our implementations are why our clients choose Storee year-after-year for all their commercial and industrial manufacturing needs.

Helicopter Moving

The Right Kind of Investment

Just as our clients invest in production upgrades, we invest in our clients.

We make safety upgrades to existing facilities, help clients relocate facilities come time to expand, and construct new industrial facilities come next major profit landmark.

Build Your Project on Solid Foundation

Over 50% of change orders are due to a change in project scope. Even more importantly, significant changes mid-project create causal and feedback loops that influence project outcome and can compromise stakeholder ROI.

By contracting Storee Construction, you are investing in your project’s success.

Our experienced engineers and seasoned project managers will review
your project carefully and listen to your concerns for laying foundationprimary and secondary improvement goals. Through analyzing your objectives and clarifying your anticipated budget and project scope, we will bolster your building plans with more thoroughly segmented processes and pinpointed dependencies.

With our help, your project plans will be more robust; you will be better prepared for executing each step as planned and staying on budget.

Whether your project involves improving your existing facility’s electrical services or potentially relocating your facility to Laclede County, our services will help shield you from common construction pitfalls. In doing so, we help companies save money.

For more information about our capabilities or to discuss a specific project, call us today 888-736-2032.