How an Overhead Monorail System Increases Efficiency

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An overhead monorail system increases efficiency by safely and quickly getting material from one point to another. Storee Construction designs overhead material handling systems for warehouses, factories and other industrial facilities.

Monorail systems, like floor-mounted conveyors, support processing and material handling. These space and time-saving systems are a cost-effective way to increase production. Install a monorail system to make the most of your resources.

What Is a Monorail System?

A monorail system is a transport system. It uses a single rail and is typically elevated. Trolleys or trains may ride above the rail or dangle below it. Some cities have mass-transit monorails to move people. In industry, monorails are most often used for material handling in warehouses and production.

A strong ceiling is required to support a monorail system. Even if a monorail is destined to move light materials, such as clothing, the combined weight of the system and products creates a heavy load.

In some industries, individual carriers may haul hundreds of pounds. Trolleys or carriers may be moved manually or by gravity.

Monorails are built on simple, well-tested principles. They’ve been speeding work in industry for decades. Monorails are versatile. Planners and designers integrate them in both low- and high-tech environments.

Consider some of the benefits of a monorail system:

An Efficient Use of Space

Need more space in your facility? Before expanding outward, consider using vertical space. You can keep floor space open when you use a monorail to move materials through your warehouse or production line.

Improves Quality Control

Moving items by monorail or conveyor is far superior to manual transport. When material moves via a monorail system, the chance of human error and accident decreases. An overhead monorail safely bypasses obstacles below so material arrives at its destination faster.

Versatile Design Adapts to Growth

A well-designed system is adaptable. If your business expands, you can reconfigure the monorail system for the larger capacity. You can add more workstations and extend the rail.

Increases Productivity and Profits

We design custom systems to suit your industry, business and facility. A monorail puts products and raw materials where you need them, as you need them. With fewer interruptions and downtime, your company’s productivity increases.

Lowers Damage and Injury Rates

Damaged goods cost money. Worker injuries lower morale and raise expenses. When a monorail does the heavy work of material handling, people and products are safer. Each time a worker lifts, carries or moves materials, there’s a chance of an accident. A monorail reduces the number of times a worker has to physically move objects in a facility.

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