Production Automation and Controls Critical to Manufacturing Success

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Control and Monitor Processes for Plant Optimization

Manufacturing is a competitive environment with continuous improvements required to meet ever expanding production goals. Labor intensive processes are being replaced with automation that rely on sensors and condition based systems to adjust and control the manufacturing processes and provide critical monitoring data. Information at multiple points in production allows manufacturers to respond and adjust immediately rather than wait for problems to come to the surface.

Industrial electrical and production installation teams experienced in production automation and controls help manufacturers implement new system advancements. Production gains are achieved through system wide installations or completion of targeted improvements on specific problem areas to improve key capacities or eliminate production waste.

Resolve Production Issues for Immediate Results

Reckitt Springfield, MO

The Storee industrial electrical team recently updated controls for a raw material handling system. The client was experiencing production delays and raw material waste when their silo filling system would malfunction, fail to transport, or improperly mix raw materials requiring the materials to be discarded. The operators were unable to control or monitor the silo system while materials were being transported resulting in ongoing production losses. They needed an automated solution to fully operate the silo transporter, control raw material mixtures, monitor silo storage levels, and provide system maintenance information and key production data.

Storee Electrical Services corrected the programmable logic controller (PLC) system to properly operate the transporter and control the mixture of raw materials. System improvements were also installed to monitor silo levels, assist with valve maintenance, and log raw material usage to measure shift productivity and future material requirements. These simple improvements significantly increased productivity and reduced raw material usage – both critical to their manufacturing success.

The Storee electrical and millwright teams will work directly with you to implement your specific production improvements whether full production system, electrical installations and controls, or single machine integration into an existing production operation.

Missouri and Arkansas manufacturers contact Storee for information on improvements to your production systems; call Storee at 888-736-2032.