Bridge cranes, also known as overhead cranes, can often be found in commercial, manufacturing, and industrial facilities. Their unparalleled versatility and robust design make them indispensable for a variety of operations and applications. For more than half a century, we’ve been helping industrial plants improve their productivity by installing, servicing, and maintaining bridge cranes.

Bridge cranes are heavy-duty systems used for lifting and moving materials in industrial settings. They consist of a horizontal beam (the bridge) that travels across parallel runways supported by columns. Equipped with hoists and trolleys, these cranes efficiently transport heavy loads within a facility, optimizing workflow and maximizing productivity.

Their sturdy design and ability to cover large areas make them ideal for handling substantial weights, ensuring efficient material handling in manufacturing, warehouses, and industrial plants. Because the tracks are stationary, bridge cranes provide precise movements while still being able to handle a variety of materials.

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Industrial Bridge Cranes

In manufacturing, these cranes are top-tier for moving heavy machinery, raw materials, and finished products around factories and assembly lines. They’re built to cover wide areas and reach impressive heights, making material handling that much easier. This improves efficiency on the floor and provides better organization.

In commercial settings, bridge cranes are ideal for repetitive tasks such as loading and unloading cargo in warehouses or transportation hubs. Their adaptability to various loads and swift maneuverability enable rapid and safe movement of goods, contributing to improved productivity and smoother logistics operations.

The versatility of bridge cranes extends beyond merely lifting and moving objects. Many are equipped with specialized attachments like magnets, hooks, or grabs, enabling them to handle diverse materials, from steel beams to containers, with utmost precision and efficiency. Let us know what you need and we’ll make sure your bridge crane has the attachments it needs.

Safety remains paramount in their design, with features like overload protection systems and advanced control mechanisms ensuring accident-free operations. Additionally, advancements in automation and remote control technologies have further enhanced their efficiency and safety, allowing for remote monitoring and operation, and reducing human intervention in hazardous environments.

In essence, bridge cranes stand tall as pivotal assets across commercial, manufacturing, and industrial sectors, epitomizing efficiency, safety, and adaptability in the realm of material handling and movement. Their indispensable role continues to evolve, shaping the landscape of modern industrial operations.

We’ve worked with food processing plants, manufacturing facilities, and other industrial structures since 1966 and can improve your process as well. Our individualized installations minimize down time for your facility and we will work with you to minimize the inconvenience of these large installations.


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As a seasoned factory infrastructure contractor, we have extensive experience over a wide variety of manufacturing processes including food processing plants, machining, remanufacturing, injection molding plastics, rotomold plastics, material handling, steel fabrication, electric motor assembly, and battery manufacturing. Storee’s manufacturing construction experience is continually expanding through meeting the needs of the clients we serve. Using our solution-based approach to every project challenge, Storee reviews every project detail and offers alternative methods or installations that will improve overall manufacturing capacity and facility usage.

We have completed a wide variety of production upgrades and installations such as those listed below:

Process Equipment
Robotic systems
Industrial ovens
Industrial holding tanks
Dust collectors
Mills cappers
Industrial Mixers
Production build line
Paint booth
Spray booth
Welding booth
COP tub (Clean out of place)
CIP (Clean in place)
Trench drain system
Broach machines
Pasta dryers
Spiral coolers
Acid bath systems
Pasting machines
Battery chargers
Lead pots
Air quality systems

Material Handling
Robotic forklift
Conveyor storage
Powered roller
Powered belt
Gravity skatewheel
Hoist systems
Monorail systems
Monorail – free, power, hybrid
PLC controls
Cranes – fabrication and installation
Bridge cranes
Top running single girder
Top running double girder
Bottom running single girder
Bottom running double girder
Multiple hoist configuration
Jib cranes
Column mounted
Base mounted
Gantry cranes
A-Frame gantry
Load testing weights

Plant Infrastructure
New construction
Building additions
Concrete placement and repair
Trench drain system
Bar grating
Cast grating
Equipment foundations
Industrial floor coatings
Industrial tile
Acid brick
Vitrified tile
Industrial piping
Compressed air
Sewer – sanitary
Sewer – process
Natural gas
Fire suppression / sprinklers
Ammonia cooling
Process piping – product specific
CIP (clean in place)
Material conveyance/bulk handling
Industrial electrical
Industrial lighting
Industrial ventilation
Equipment rigging and millwright services
Safety Equipment – Robot workcell guarding

Packaging Equipment
Case erectors
Stretch wrappers

Bulk Material Handling
Bucket elevator
Super bag unloaders
Dry material systems
Liquid material systems
Level indicators
PLC controls
Piping material conveyance

Dock Equipment and Doors
Dock levelors
Dock seals
Dock shelters
Dock restraints
Dock lights
Dock Racks
Rapid roll doors
Bump and swing impact doors
Access doors

Industrial Ventilation
Ventilation systems
General ventilation
Process ventilation
Exhaust fans
Supply fans
Supply louvers
Heat removal
Process controls
Dust collectors

Scales and Test Equipment
Load cells
Dyno room – load test engines
CMM – Coordinate measuring machines
Foss test units
Quality control systems

Structural steel and components
Work platforms
Work tables
Stairs / landings
Hand rails
Guard rails
Bridge cranes
Custom equipment
Material handling carts and dollies

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