No matter what you call them – Business Parks, Malls, Shopping Complexes – commercial building owners need to be able to adapt to changing times. Where every strip mall in America used to have a movie rental place three decades ago, they’ve been replaced with smartphone outlets. And the two businesses have very different needs.

And that’s just on the interior of the store. Building managers may want to attract new clients to fill up any vacant storefronts they may have, so exterior facelifts are used to improve the curb appeal of the structure. This could go beyond planting a few trees or a new coat of paint.

Changing the facade of a building, adding metal signage or eaves, and more is quite an undertaking. Finally, the most important upgrade could be to infrastructure that isn’t even seen by foot traffic. Electrical panels, potential water needs, and security upgrades may be needed to attract higher-paying vendors.

Location, Location, Location

Building a new commercial property in the middle of nowhere won’t really serve the needs of building owners nor their vendors, at least in the short term. Not to mention the added costs of construction projects starting from the ground up. When established foot traffic demands you stay put, commercial renovations make the most sense to the bottom line.

As a building owner, you want to attract vendors. As a commercial vendor, you want a storefront that will turn window shoppers into walk-in traffic. You may not be able to improve on the location, but you can certainly make the changes that suit your needs, whatever those needs are.

Before any commercial renovation, you’ll want to know exactly what will work best for both the building owner and the vendor. Will enlarging a space be more lucrative by charging more for a lease? Will turning a former grocery store into three smaller units maximize the area?

No matter what your analytics say, Storee Construction will inspect the current space inside and out before engineering plans can begin. We’ll look at the utilities, existing floor plans, and ways to improve efficiencies that will apply to a wide range of commercial endeavors.

Understanding Codes and Regulations

Storee Construction has been working with manufacturing, industrial, and commercial buildings throughout the Midwest for decades now. We understand the city, county, and state specifications when it comes to permits for larger facilities. We do this to make sure building owners understand what they can – and can’t – do to their structure.

In many jurisdictions, green projects move to the front of the line when it comes to commercial remodels. Storee Construction is well-versed in energy-efficient best practices, giving you a building that will save you, and your tenants, money. What better way to attract new leases than lower energy costs?

Design-Build Remodel Projects

Our Design-Build teams are experts at getting the most out of an area while maintaining its versatility. As a building owner, you can never be sure what will take the place of an empty storefront. A restaurant or bar, shoe boutique, or video game store with several gaming stations or virtual reality booths all have different needs.

As a business owner, however, you have a vision for your commercial renovation project but just aren’t sure how to make it a reality. Storee Construction will take the bones of an existing space, and upgrade the infrastructure as needed. We’ll also design the floor plan to make sure it’s as efficient as possible.

In either case, you won’t want unexpected issues to pop up down the road. Because our design teams work as part of our construction process, both sides work in concert to make sure the building not only looks great but functions as it should.

This removes any miscommunication between the architects and the general contractors and subcontractors you may hire. Storee Construction will see your building renovation project from start to finish, providing high-quality work, first-class customer service, and unsurpassed professional experience.