How to Prevent Workplace Falls

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(Updated Oct. 1, 2021)

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that falls in 2014 hurt an estimated 247,120 workers and killed 818. Workplace accidents and fatal injuries occurred across all types of businesses. Whether it is lifting heavy objects, doing work in repetitive motions, or avoiding slips, trips, and falls, it is important to do what you can to avoid accidents on the job.

Workers in construction, manufacturing plants, warehouses, health care, and offices are among the most injured while working. People fall, slip or trip during simple or complex tasks. Something as ordinary as a misplaced ladder can lead to a disaster.

Many of these types of accidents are preventable. By maintaining a safe work environment, taking proper precautions during the workday, and ensuring your employees are properly trained on workplace safety, you can minimize your risk of work-related injuries and compensation claims.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your employees are your greatest asset and caring for their health and safety is critical. Remember that as an employer, you are obligated to provide a safe workplace. Some safeguards are government-mandated. When businesses aren’t compliant, they can be hit with hefty fines.

Accidents on the job also raise other expenses: workers’ compensation, medical costs, and lost productivity go up along with the rate of injuries. Not to mention, this means your injured employee might have to take an extended absence from work, which could leave you in a lurch. That translates to

How to Prevent Workplace Falls With Factory Upgrades

Storee Construction offers extensive options for safety upgrades. We are committed to working with you to provide a full analysis of your work environment to determine what can be improved. We will work directly with you to identify dangerous areas in your workplace, then provide solutions on how they can be remedied in a timely manner. Whether it is a simple fix or a larger renovation, our team will recommend the right tools and tips to create a more secure facility.

Storee also assists businesses on an ongoing basis by serving as their plant safety contractor. Employing a safety contractor is among the best ways to keep your facility in compliance with regulations. This saves you time and gives you the peace of mind you need knowing your environment and employees are working in a safe space.

Keep the Work Environment Safe

Falls, slips, and trips often happen because of an unsafe environment or lack of attention to proper safety precautions. Here are some things that lead to accidents:

  • Unsafe equipment: Workers can fall into or onto machines, equipment, and conveyors. It is important to install guardrails and toeboards around equipment. Move factory equipment to ensure adequate passageways.
  • Inadequate electrical outlets: Update the electrical system so you can avoid using long cords.
  • Uncovered floor holes: Guard against falls by covering holes and installing rails.
  • Slick floors: If your work environment is moist, install non-skid surfaces and improve processes to prevent wet floors. Make sure to use signage to make people aware that the floor is wet.
  • Clutter: In offices and factories, items on floors and in passageways create tripping hazards. Make sure items are stored properly in closets and on shelves in order to keep pathways and main thoroughfares clear.
  • Unstable and uneven floors: Renovate floors to eliminate changes in height, or to correct loose or damaged flooring.
  • Unprotected raised areas: Elevated platforms, floors and walkways require protection, such as guardrails and toeboards
  • Inadequate safety equipment: Some jobs require the use of fall protection gear. These include safety harnesses and lines, safety nets, and hand railings.

Make Safety a Goal

Common causes of workplace injuries can be easily remedied with just a few production changes or keeping a clean work area. Companies can guard against accidents by making a safe workplace a priority. Insist on creating a culture that prides itself on reducing accidents and injuries.

Emphasize the need to keep work areas clean and easy to navigate. Invest in training and education for workers on a regular basis and consider having an internal team to assist with compliance. Before employees head out to a job site, make sure they are all adequately trained in safety protocol appropriate to their job.

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